What exactly is Falcon Communications?

Every business needs telephone sets and telephone lines. Simply stated, we provide and service business telephone systems.

What Is Your Primary Brand?

We sell only Toshiba Telecommunication Systems products and NEC products. As an authorized dealer of Toshiba and NEC channel reseller, we undergo continuing education and technical training to provide the best customer experience.

What Is Your Warranty?

Toshiba warrants it's equipment from manufacturer's defects for two years. While NEC warrants it's equipment from manufacturer's for five years. We simply repair or replace such equipment at no charge to you within the warranty period. Service work following the warranty period is at prevailing time-and-materials, often at less than many of our competitors' rates.

What About ADA And Environmental Concerns?

Most telephone handsets are hearing aid compatible. Manufacturers strive at all times to create products that will have a minimal environmental impact throughout their life cycles.

What Geographic Areas Do You Cover?

Most of our work is in western Montana. We do not advertise or have offices outside of Missoula. We accommodate customers who maintain multiple locations by utilizing a network of qualified local telephone technicians for immediate response.

Can You Do VoIP?

Many businesses have several offices, stores or branches. Others have staff, sales persons, or field workers outside the office who need to be connected. Our VoIP (voice over internet protocol) solutions include connecting multiple locations and having business system “extensions” in home offices, lake houses or vacation condos.

Are Your Systems Cheap?

Our pricing is consistent with the quality of the product. Remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” Our pricing is very competitive for this geographic area.

Is Voice Mail Expensive Or Hard To Operate?

If you're paying monthly subscription fees for an off-premise voice messaging service, those payments will cease if your phone system has a built-in voice mail/auto attendant component. We encourage our customers to have a warm human being answering incoming calls. When that is not possible, we'll program your voice mail / auto attendant to serve your needs.


Is Voice Mail Expensive Or Hard To Operate?

At one time we contracted to as many as thirty-five national companies to work in their local stores. Being careful not to detract from our own customers' needs, we now examine each national request individually. If we're not offered reasonable, on-time pay rates and acceptable work conditions, we'll pass!

Can Your Systems Do Everything?

Not any one telephone system “does everything.” Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise! For special applications, we have access to many third party manufacturers.

Do You Provide Instruction And On-Going Training?

We believe that proper instruction is necessary to fully enjoy a new telephone system. We offer training that goes beyond user manuals. Customers are asked to assign a “system administrator”. We train this person to handle simple user problems. A well-trained staff means less of a headache to administrators and fewer unnecessary call-backs to us!

What If i only Have A Couple Of Business Phones And Lines?

We can suggest a variety of SOHO (Small Office-Home Office) products which are available locally or via internet sources. Stand-alone telephones sometimes require a little tweaking of your jacks or wiring. We can help with that!

If I Buy A System Over The Internet, Will You Install It For Me?

Not necessarily. We cannot guarantee the condition of equipment that we didn't sell.

If you're thinking about it, begin by asking local vendors. It could become a do-it-yourself project!

If I Buy A System Over The Internet, Will You Install It For Me?

NO! We're good at what we do because we work only with telephone equipment. We work with our customer's choice of service providers to ensure proper operation of the telephone system.

Can You Service Other Telephone Systems?

We have the ability to program, relocate and repair a variety of systems. A system's age, condition, availability of parts and manufacturer's support are studied carefully to determine if a technician is allowed to go on site. We occasionally have to decline service on systems that are obscure or out-of-production.

Do You Do Residential Work?

Typically we do not provide service for residences. The exceptions are home-based business offices and service work for property management companies.

What If I Need Amplified Paging, Music-On-Hold Or Special Accessories?

We make available a variety of such products to match our customers' budgets. Digital cordless phones, wireless and corded headsets, and message-on-hold playback devices are only a few of the things we can integrate with your telephone system. Do you have a special need? Ask us!